Entry Submission


Film Submissions

Films are selected by a committee of students, media enthusiasts, and industry professionals who view the entries and choose the finalists. A judging panel of industry professions will choose the winning films. Films can be of any nature, live action narrative, documentary, animation, but must contain positive messages. Films can be about anything -- as long as they adhere to a PG rating and are under 8 minutes in length.

We will offer special recognition and additional incentives to those films that show us My Reality. These films can be full of humor and fantasy, but we are looking for unique viewpoints from young adults. Documentaries are welcome, but not the only way to tackle this topic. We love films that are humorous, adventurous, and down-right entertaining. We are accepting online submissions only. To submit a film via Film Freeway, click here.

While the festival will be a community celebration and will be open to anyone wanting to watch great young developing filmmakers, the filmmakers themselves must fall into one of these categories (at completion of film):

  • Mini – Elementary age students or younger
  • Junior – Students 6-9th grade
  • Senior – Students 9-12th grade (or 1st year college)

Review and Selection Process

All entries are screened in consideration for an award by at least two members of our viewing committee and a volunteer group of media enthusiasts from around the world. Films will be rated on creativity, topic relevance, storytelling, filmmaking techniques, and audience appeal. Finalists will be selected anonymously from all entries and winners will be selected by our professional judging panel. Want to be considered for our panel?  Click here to sign up


Notification of Finalists and Award Winners


Fayette Film Festival will contact the list of finalists prior to the event. All finalists in each category will be treated to the full Red Carpet Experience -- a VIP ticket and seating, exclusive walk down the red carpet, a private styling session, valet parking, and a commemorative photo. All finalists will be recognized and winners announced the night of the event. 

  • I AM Mini
  • I AM Junior
  • I AM Senior
  • I AM Local
  • (limited to Fayette County residents)

Special recognition will also be given in these categories:

Best animation, Achievement in writing, Best actor and People’s Choice.

Prizes are subjected to change and updates will be posted on our website at fayettefilmfest.com Screeners reserve the right to withhold any awards in a category where one is not warranted.


Guidelines for All Entries

Prior to submitting an entry, you are required to view the guidelines. Read the full guidelines here or view the basic guidelines below:

  • Film directors must be 21 or younger at the time of filming.
  • Film must be created after January 2016.
  • Films must focus on a topic that interests or relates to youth.
  • Film may be no longer than 8 minutes.
  • All work is expected to be done by the youth (except actors). Editing can be done with adult supervision.
  • All films must be in English.
  • All films must have appropriate rating approximating 'G' or 'PG'.
  • Videos must meet the required format.
  • All films must be: live action narrative, documentary, or animation.
  • Filmmakers may not promote individual films.
  • All material must be properly licensed.

Filmmaker/Guardian/Representative Release

By submitting an entry, you agree to the Fayette Youth Film Festival filmmaker/guardian/representative release. Click here to read this document.