About Us



The Fayette Youth Film Festival will celebrate and embrace all we admire in our youth’s creativity, individuality, and talent. This event will showcase young filmmakers that have a positive message or unique viewpoint about who they are through this year’s theme, My Reality. Through short films made by youth, we aim to educate and inspire our audience. Film submissions can be on any topic as long as they are made by filmmakers 21 and younger and are under 8 minutes -- so start filming! Special recognition to those local to Georgia!

Most importantly, this is a non-for-profit event, with all proceeds going to fund the I Am Foundation, an organization aimed at empowering girls and guys to become leaders.

The festival will not only showcase amazing films, but it will also offer a conversation with industry professionals. Youth will learn about writing, directing, acting, and the industry at large. More importantly, the night will focus on learning to write our own story.

What could you win? Filmmakers will get the full Red Carpet Experience, meet and greet with our VIPs, and a chance for other amazing prizes, including: an appearance in a feature film, an internship with a local filmmaker, a screening at the Atlanta Film Festival (which qualifies you to be considered for an Oscar), and of course, there is cash...lots and lots of cash!


What are We Looking For?

Our festival will showcase short films of 8 minutes or less in animation, live-action, and documentary. Filmmakers must be 21 years or younger, and awards will be given at several youth levels. Local filmmakers will also receive special recognition. 

In particular, we are looking for films that share a positive message about today's youth. What is it like to be a young adult these days? Tell us through your reality, whether it be funny, thought-provoking, insightful, or even fantasy, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WITH YOUR UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE. And we want to hear from you! 

Films do NOT need to be professional, we're more interested in what you have to say about your life, dreams, struggles, and challenges! We know you have something to say, say it with film!